McDonnell Douglas MD80 Family ( MD-80 )

We need some votes

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The MD-80 is an icon of aviation. And it’s the only narrowbody airliner with over 1,100 orders that we do not have in IF. Ketchup get those votes in for this legendary bird!


In my case I’d like to fly with the MD-87!

Imagine how it could be 🤩


Is that a model MD-87?

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Yes, in 1:200 scale

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Wow! That’s really cool!

Imagine if we had the Aeromexico MD-87 in IF! 🙃


Alright, the 757 is getting a rework. We are making steps toward vintage aircraft, since the 757 is older. I am glad that an aircraft that needs a rework is getting one, other than something like the 777 which, did need it, but nowhere near as much as the ‘57.

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They can’t do more than 3 Boeing’s in a row. So the A330, MD80 or A220 is next. I voted! Still never flown on a mad dog. :(

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Thanks for the support!

I’m hopeful for the MD-80 because we haven’t had a McDonnell Douglas aircraft added since 2017 (DC-10/MD-11). We got the 757 rework, so I’m confident that we could see an older aircraft like the MD-80 in the future.

Been voted, I believe we should get a a regional aircraft after the 757.


We may not have made the community vote, but that doesn’t mean we should give up.

The MD-80 is an icon and is one of the most well-known and most widely operated short and medium haul aircraft. If you want a short haul aircraft, the MD-80 is the aircraft for you!

Definitely would’ve voted for this in the poll

Just imagine the analog cockpit. The instruments helping to guide you down on a nighttime approach to KDFW. Upon landing, your JT8D’s roar as you use your thrust reversers to slow down in time for another AA MadDog to come in to land after you.

Photo Credit.

Or imagine the insane powerbacks we could do. The MD-80 is one of the very few aircraft capable of a full powerback (you can check it out here). It would really add some action to the IFATC hubs.

This plane was, and is, one of the greats of the aviation industry, it’s one of the most recognizable airliners out there.

You may ask, “why do we need an aircraft that’s being retired?” Well we need it because it’s no generic trash hauler like some of the ones we have in IF. It’s the first airliner we would have with a working analog cockpit.

Unlike the Concorde which isn’t possible because of the sheer amount of gauges that need to be modeled (seen here, the MD-80 has no flight engineer’s panel, and the cockpit has significantly less analog gauges than the Concorde or the 747-200. So it could be feasible to make the MD-80’s analog cockpit happen.

The MD-80 may be old, but it’s gold. It’s a must-have in IF, and I encourage you to vote for this legendary bird.

Seems similar to American airlines flight 1420 but happened in little rock

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I mean. You use thrust reversers anyway, and there are planes behind you 90% of the time if you’re at an ATC hub. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Or else
Should’ve been on the poll ☹️

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Just have a listen to this incredible takeoff with the roaring JT8D’s rocketing the MD-80 into the sky. Even well after it lifts off the runway, the sound almost catches back up to you and you can hear and feel the rumble of the engines. Now just think how amazing it would be to do this in IF!

Fast forward to [1:15] for the takeoff.

Get this man an award

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Time for more votes

Definitely sad seeing the MD series going out. I remember having the opportunity to fly on the MD-88, 90, and Boeing 717. Thankfully Delta is operating the 717 until 2025, so there’s still time to get your Delta MD fix before they’re gone.