McDonnell Douglas MD-12

McDonnell Douglas MD-12

Found this on Facebook. No source.


Year…that was a plan.

The aircraft in this link looks even worse!

Here’s the English link to the wiki page

Beat you to it! :)
Tnx though!

If the A380 was almost a failure, this would have been a greater failure…


You could very well be right. We will never know.

It was a project @Jan but then the McDonnell Douglas withdrew the plans😔

Planned, never built


Yeah, and it looks like a competitor of the A380, but this would never win anyway

It is kind of ugly! :)

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I’m going to be honest, I like this plane more than the A380. Not as good as the 747 IMO, but better than the A380.

That’s just my opinion.


MD planned this before Boeing bought them up so basically MD never got the chance to build it.

If they built this then I don’t think we would have the a380.

Nope. I don’t think so either.

I have no idea. The MD-12 just looks “sleek” and “cool” to me.

Hahahaha. Failure written all over it. Favorite Aviation joke: MD-12 Lol. Seriously though, that doesn’t look right.