McDonnell Douglas MD-11 House Colors

This livery is so retro! If course, when this aircraft gets added, we’ve gotta have this livery. :)



Yes! I love house color livieres

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ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. One of the top 25 best liveries of all time!

Worst livery I’ve seen, I hope they don’t add md-11. Sorry that I hate it (both)

Nice me: I respect your opinion.

Evil me: … Get out.


Lol! I’m not really a big fan of retro’s that’s why. I’m sorry!😩

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Now that I can understand. ;)

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I believe there was also another house colors livery, it was blueish.

Is it this one?

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Yes it’s that one :)

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Lovely livery.
But maybe you should wait until the MD-11 is added.
BTW: I’m smelling it in the next update or maybe the one after that

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