McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender

Can we please get the kc-10 with the working boom it would make a great addition to the game


Wouldn’t we need the DC-10 first?

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Yes might be easier to base on an aircraft all ready available. For example we have the A330 and B767 so maybe an MRTT or KC-46 might be first…?


Yeah! Those would be awesome!

Sometimes fly those two in “Generic” livery ( both a light grey) and they almost look the part! :-)

Yeah, as close as we can get for now… I always fly jets at the moment.

KC-10 coems with the DC-10 hopefully :)

KC-135 > KC-10 just sayin.

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135s are far more efficient. It’s been said that the 135s will refuel the 10 on its way to the boneyard (even though the 135 is much older it’s going to be around longer). It can land and takeoff in a smaller runway. 10s break down a lot more often. I remember being on coronets (where we would fly across the ocean with fighters and refuel them) and the 10 would be broken most of the time. A lot of the time in the coronets the 10 would vary the maintenance crew and supplies for the fighters we were dragging across the ocean. Most of the time they would put the 10 as the lead of the formation and they would need to level off at around 3,000 feet to get enough speed to continue their climb. Not so in the 135, I believe it still has some climb records.

Last but not least I have over 3,000hrs of time spent airborne in that old lady (KC-135) so there’s a little bias there. But for refueling purposes the 135 is superior in its record.


The base I live near uses 135s. They are also the first AFW to get the new KC-46 Pegasus tanker.

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I have a picture! such a beauty when you see it in person. This KC-10 is from McGuire AFB.


Hope it gets added along with the other tri-jets.


If only we had planes that take refueling…

Or need it, for that matter.

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Let’s bump this one up! The odds of the DC-10 / MD-11 are high and this aircraft is very unique! Laura has an interest in it too ;)


How do you know that?

Instagram she put it up hoping that the community would choose the DC-10/md-11

Here: and

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Awesome, glad were getting the right plane

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This (along with FedEx and UPS) would be my favorite on the DC-10/MD-11