McDonnell Douglas, Fifty-Four Years


On this date in 1967, Sir Donald W. Douglas founder of The Douglas Aircraft Company and Sir James S. McDonnell founder of The Douglas Aircraft Corporation merged to form The McDonnell Douglas Corporation on April 28, 1967. Headquartered in Long Beach, CA utilizing Long Beach / Daugherty Field Airport (KLGB) as its production base, The McDonnell Douglas Corporation incorporated aircraft like no other into the world. The company was incorporated into Boeing after financial hardships.


Some of the best aircraft that have ever flown in the sky (talking to you Mad Dog)! Happy 54th birthday McDonnell Douglas, one of the best, most recognizable aircraft manufacturers.

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Very cool. I love McDonnell Douglas aircraft! Thanks so much for sharing!

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747: Am I a joke to you
Yes, miss the DC/MDs!
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Very cool! I love McDonnell Douglas! Especially the MD-80 and MD-11

Good. MD-83 and 88 are 🔥🔥

Eh… Maintenance Delay 11

Man this looks so awesome.

Some like Boeing, some like Airbus, but we all love MD.

The MD-80, the MD-11, no matter what the aircraft is, it just stands out. When the mad dog shows up, it lets you know that it’s there. Same with the MD-11 and it’s iconic tail mounted engine (i know, the DC10 too).

Thank you MD. Your aircrafts got me to where I am now. As soon as I saw the MD-88 at Gate 16 in PVD, I was in awe. It’s incredibly different nose and cockpit to the 2-3 configuration, it lead to an experience like no other. And don’t forget about the JT8D’s, too…

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Good ol’ McDonnell Douglas, the combination of one of the greatest airliner manufacturers with a popular military aircraft manufacturer. Man you can’t get better than that, can you?

The legendary McDonnell Douglas has been and always will be one of my favorite aircraft manufacturers. The MD-11, the MD-80, the MD-90, and more, it’s crazy how many spectacular aircraft they’ve made over the years. I can’t believe it’s been 54 years since Douglas and McDonnell merged!

Cheers to MD! 🥂


Happy Birthday McDonnell Douglas My Favorite Cargo Aircraft, I have a UPS Profille Picture because i use the McDonnell Douglas for Cargo Flights alot :)

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