McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

Photo credit- McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle - USA - Air Force | Aviation Photo #1821224 |

Hello IFC figured it was time to put a detailed request out for the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. Used in Air Force world wide from the JSDF, Israeli and Singapore to name a few. This aircraft has an amazing Flight record as well as combat history it is also able to claim to date F-15 aircraft has been lost to air to air combat. The Eagle is a older generation fighter but still has not reached it prime McDonnell Douglas has already begun to breathe new life into the Eagle with the F-15X making this fighter even more lethal.

The Eagle is built and exported in several variants/models.



Below is the link to the offical USAF fact sheet for the F-15.

USAF F-15 Fact Sheet

Thank you for your consideration. If you have additional information on this war machine please feel free to add it below in the comments. In closing can a Mod please close the older F-15 feature requests. Thank you in advance.

If we get this and an F-16 rework, We would have a basically picture perfect Red Flag fighter-wise.

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That one is closed

Just got closed

My bro would love this😱


It would be great to have the D-Day special F-15E. This aircraft is based at RAF Lakenheath in the UK.


Liberty Squadron! I have been seeing this livery all over my FB feed. Love it!

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That’s an awesome jet! Unfortunately out of votes but this will bring an awesome addition into Infinite Flight’s military Fleet!

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Thank you, voiced support also carries with me. Cheers!

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I’m gonna cancel one of my votes and replace it with this one we need a new Military plane in IF pretty sure the last one added was in 2012

The latest Military plane is the recently reworked A-10. The latest non reworked military aircraft is the French Air Force TBM-930.

I know what you mean though, it’s been a while since the last fighter was added and there’s currently no fighter in Infinite Flight which is finished to the same standard as some of the more recent additions.

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Oh added though

Yes please! I would love to see this delivered to the squadrons.
Had to free up a vote

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No more votes but I still want this if we start to get Military Reworks and additions.

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The F-15 is missing from the app, so it might be added along with the reworked fighter jets, including the F/A-18.

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The addition of the F-15 and the rework of the F-18 are the two projects I await with respect to military aviation in the IF. I currently have no votes, but I fully support this topic.


Voted ! One of the best and fastest aircraft ✈️
He‘s waiting for you :)



Israeli Air Force has F-15D and F-15I




We need to get more votes for a classic plane my grandfather worked on these aircraft

Here are some livery ideas for the F 15 and F 15 strike eagle