McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-50

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In my opinion, we need some more short/medium-haul jets in Infinite Flight. We only have the 717-200 and the a320 family.

I like this aircraft because it revolutionized medium-haul jets. There were no aircraft like the DC-9-50 before it was introduced.

I feel this should be added because we need more medium-haul jets. Like @Captain-Daniel said, the only medium-haul jets we have right now are the 737 family, a320 family and the 717 (a member of the DC-9 family).

Hello, Please add some more context to your post, why you like it and why it should be in IF. (Great request, I love this aircraft!)

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Don’t forget the 737 ;) Seems like it would go along well with the MD80, like the DC10 and MD11.

This is great! You’ve got my vote! :)

@Jshnlsn thanks mate :)

I support this, we only have one antique plane in infinite flight.

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