McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and MD-11

they will anyway ^^

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NWA never operated MD-11s dude.

Long live the DC-9!

And Biman Airlines too

I was thinking of Delta, whoops 😆

This airplane is a dog and people killer. It was back in May when this item was first posted here and it still is! I don’t understand the IF Trash Hauler community, next you’ll want a “Comet” for old time sake! How you can sit there for hours monitoring non working instrument, complain that you don,t have a ILS Cat III hands off landing setting yet and whine over paint colors and logo is beyond me. Just Sayin, Mad Max Sends. (Flak Jacket on, send it!)

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Hey I don’t know how to operate, or wish to know how to operate this autoland ILS stuff. I handfly my takeoffs and final approaches, like everyone who isn’t an AP loving wuss should

DC-10 killed many people at the beginning of its career (RIP) but they fixed the problem and nownhe only safety issue is the integrity of the airframe and maintenance personell.

Yes we will want a comet 😁

We do that for every aircraft added into the game nowadays.

Long live the DC-9!

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@AviationJunkie. Ok, ok… Told ya I had my Flak Jacket on… Who lov’s ya baby…
Warm Regards, Mad Max Sends

Tupolev 154

That’s for another topic.

Long live the DC-9!

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@AviationJunkie What are you talking about? I’m confused?

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@AviationJunkie. I reviewed the posts. Looks like I hit the wrong response button. I was in a conversation with Boeing. I apologies for the error. I have NO desire to get into it with you again, now or in the future. The previous go which got a lot of attention is over. Let’s move on shall we please.

Don’t give a flying fck if you think he insults you. You’ll meet a lot of people that may say something you don’t like about you, mistakenly or purposefully, and if you don’t move on from those, you’ll be weighed down by burdens and bad feelings which is what makes people hate life.

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Long live the DC-9!

[quote=“Maxmustang, post:32, topic:872”]
I was in a conversation with Boeing. [/quote]

That’s me!

That’s the spirit…

Long live the DC-9!

@Boeing707… ahh, the “Spirit”… Thanks Dad! Who lov’s ya baby…
Warm Regards, Max

Lol I’m not interested in seeing you guys ram heads again. I swear that was quite a series of arguments you guys had there

Don’t forget Malaysia airlines MD-11

md-11 thats a great idea

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I would love to see “Classic jets” like the dc10, especially continental.

Swissair : MD-11 / DC-10
SWISS : MD-11 😍
Don’t Forget it ! :)