McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and MD-11

Hi there, I just want to know if anyone is interested in any, or both of these planes. Like this post if you want them in the game!


Yes Yes Yes Yes. I would love to see those beautiful trijets. Love to see the classic DC-10 too

Some suggestions:


Pan Am
Iberia (Looks gorgeous in this livery)

I’ll leave the rest of the foreign airlines to the folks that know those airlines better and the significance/iconicness of the DC-10s operations at the airline



Message for the DC-10 applies here too.

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Don’t forget the Northwest DC-10 :airplane:


@1_NWA_Aviation Holy crap how did I forget that?! I feel so much shame now :(

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lol, its alright, a lot of people forgot about NWA since they merged with Delta in 2008


Ahh the DC-10. The plane that always had something wrong with it McDonnell Douglas didn’t even bother to fix it


Must have for FedEx. I see them everyday in MEM.


@Nick_Catalano McDonnell Douglas did try to fix the door problem. But AFAIK, they didn’t do a good job of implement the door change onto the aircraft (Hence TK981 and AA96). Eventually, they did force MD make the changes.

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very good idea!

and do not forget the DC-10 in Lufthansa scheme and even better, the CONDOR DC-10 in the silver paint scheme.

…and of course the MD- 11 from Lufthansa Cargo

Happy Landings



Please post these stuff in the feedback page. Not here, this place is for discussions :smiley:

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McDonnel built a Dog in this bad design. It killed there Market Share and a lot of paxs & crews. Dougles followed suit & it’s still a dog, I avoid them. See there accident record and individual accident investigation finals on the web: Aviation Safty Net is an excellant source. Max Sends

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How do you dare forgetting Swissair and/or Swiss for the Md-11!

But in flgeneral I’d like to see the Md-11 implemented ;) just as much as the Avro Rj100 and A340-300(of which I know won’t be added anytime soon)

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I’m not that big on European airlines and to be honest, I never found the Swissair livery that great (Sorry!).

Avro RJ/BAe 146 if added at all would be way later in the game’s development. People would push for the Dash 8, Concorde, SR-71, Boeing 787, Airbus A320, Bombardier CRJ, Boeing C-17 Globemaster before anything else gets considered.

Then maybe the DC-10/MD-11.

I really want it to happen but I wouldn’t count on seeing an A340-300. They already have the A340-600 and I am assuming that it would be easier to model the A340-500 than the -300 (Shrink the length, change some performance features).

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It’s not the best livery on earth, but for me as Swiss, Swissair was part of my identity and I’d like to see it not getting forgotten. (I assume u know about the grounding in 2001? I can really suggest you to read about it and this fatal missmanagement by some asshole (who saved his ass by quitting the firm early enoigh) and those poor bastards trying to save it in the last moment and failing)

I can confirm to you from the devs themselves the A340-300 is not coming any time soon. I agree with the rest even when I’d like it to be different. But the A320 family is simply mandatory to be first ;)

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I know of the Swissair MD-11 crash/grounding. Part of the reason why if we get an MD-11, it is probably a great idea to add it in.

If the A320 is not released in the next update, some people will give the devs hell. Especially if they don’t add in the Tunisair and Philippines Airlines liveries (For some reason, I see so many requests for those airlines on the IF Facebook page).

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Nono, I mean the general grounding of Swissair. Swissair stopped existing in 2001. the new national airline is now Swiss. It was a real debacle about it being grounded. Swiss banks were behaving like d’cks sadly. And one even took all the money from the former workers of Swissair. really sad story

i dont understand what you mean of “If the A320 is not released in the next update, some people will give the devs hell. Especially if they don’t add in the Tunisair and Philippines Airlines liveries” im sorry i dont understand will they add it or no. Please reply

I was simply stating that after seeing some of the reactions and posts on their Facebook page, seemed like people were extremely desperate for those two airlines so I decided to make a joke about it saying that if they don’t get both airlines soon, they’ll unless endless rage upon the devs :smile: .

As I stated already (See my previous reply to you), I cannot guarantee whether either airline will be added. They aren’t that good at adding African airlines: South African Airways (Twice) and EgyptAir are the two that immediately come to mind. Tunisair seems less likely to Philippines to me.

A320 will be released in the update following the upcoming one according to their VX A320 announcement.

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Don’t forget the Northwest MD-11