McDonnell Douglas 80 Series (MD-80)

WHAT: MD-80 Series, a rear-mounted, twin-engined, short-haul airliner introduced in the 80’s

WHY: This is a very unique aircraft that would add more diversity in IF. Also, this “Mad Dog” is used on many short haul/domestic flights. I grew up flying on many of these via Delta Airlines, so it has a special place in my heart.

-Date Introduced: October 10th, 1990
-Derived From: DC-9
-Length: 147 ft and 8 in
-Width: 131.6 in
-Tail Height: 29 ft and 7 in
-Cruise Speed- 0.8 mach
-Wing Span: 107 ft
-Engines: JT (x2) Rear Mounted
-Fuel Capacity: 5850 gallons
-Empty Weight: 77900 pounds
-MTOW: 140000 pounds
-Passenger Capacity: 155 (one class)
-Range: 2550 nautical miles

OPERATORS: (As of 2017)
-Delta Airlines
-American Airlines
-Allegiant Air
-LASER Airlines
-Bulgarian Air Charter
-Far Eastern Air Transport
-Zagros Airlines
-Kish Air

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