McDonnel Douglas DMD-80

The MD-80 I think really changed the way we flew, It was a great aircraft that I think should be addeded into the game MD-80
Still flow by some airlines, proves that this is an AMAZING aircraft that is currently missing in the game.

Hey there! Nice request, but there is already a feature request for the MD-80

Please utilize the search bar next time before posting. Cheers :)


I did the only open ones that I found were from 2016, you sure that one is not closed?

It has 90 votes though.

Well, nevermind then

That request is still very relevant. Bump it if you wish.

Just 90, not gonna waste my vote on something I know won’t happen

Who knows, anything could happen. The devs are quite sneaky sometimes.

Ahha I got to admit that’s true

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Wait… you opened a feature request for a plane, found it already had one open with 90 votes, so you decided you no longer want it because it won’t happen?? I’m so confused


Just because a topic was created in 2015 or 2016 doesn’t mean that it needs to be dismissed. You also need to take into account as to when the last reply was posted. As for the MD80 topic, the last reply was posted 13 days ago. Which is fairly recent to continue discussion on that topic.