McDonell Douglas MD-11/MD-11F Livery Tracking Thread

Yes but sometimes we have to bend the rules, all the livery requests separate are making the #features category a mess so I decided to move them all in here.

Has the rule changed?

“Tracking threads are now to be allowed on the forum” but "Tracking threads are not the place to request liveries. "

Alitalia uses MD-11 as cargo planes now

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so it should be moved to features

Since when was the MD-11 confirmed? I’m so confused

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Apparently it had been a favourite of the Devs since 2012, bit it was confirmed this year (?).

@Aernout, I thought this was just for confirmed liveries, not a request thread. Why the merge?

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Waking up and seeing 7-9 different topics with livery requests which is making a mess out of features made me decide to do this.


All pax MD-11’s are retired, they are only used for cargo.


It is a new disease called the common cargo planeitis nearly everyone in this forum but a few (including me) have not caught it yet

So this has been confirmed?

That seems to be a very good question I have no idea, would be rather surprised if so but would be super cool!

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Is the McDonell Douglas MD-11/MD-11F confirmed?

It was stated as “In Review” in early 2012, it’s not listed as planned or started. So basically it might be in the list :-)

I guess this is why the thread has became so popular suddenly

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Well, you’re a mod so I’ll go by your word.

This was from 2011/12. It will be reopened if the aircraft is confirmed properly at any point. If this were left open it would turn into speculation and spam.