McDonell Douglas MD-11/MD-11F Livery Tracking Thread

No, because it’s just for tracking confirmed liveries

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This stays in general, not features. It doesn’t suggest a feature.

Okay but doesn’t it track confirmed features?

Yes, it does. It tracks confirmed Liveries.

And future confirmed liveries are features. Lets not argue or the thread will be closed.

@Sturmovik Please stop moving it to #features, this stays in #general as it doesn’t cast a feature. Dash 8 Family Tracking Thread is also in #general.

#youlikeusinghashtagsallthetimenowdush ;)

I don’t like hashtags. They annoy me, but anyway, can’t wait for the MD-11


Yeah, the hashtag symbol is just unclean.


In review and coming soon in 2012, how long now? Can’t wait!

Wait, didn’t we were in 2016?

Beautiful plane! 😍

I want this!

Yes pleas🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Isn’t that pretty high for TNCM?

Nice, nice baby…

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It was confirmed in January 2012 on the Feedback website:

I’d really love to see this livery in IF, too :)


If it was the last MD-11 built then Lufthansa’s livery will be included if an MD-11F version is released together with the civilian version.

I really hope so…

search for MD 11 or

there are some great movies about the Lufthansa Crago MD 11 (cockpit view)