McDonell Douglas MD-11/MD-11F Livery Tracking Thread

To avoid multiple topics and maybe duplicates of the same topic, please post here the confirmed liveries of the MD-11 and its possible cargo variant, the MD-11F.


Is this allowed. Isn’t it one feature per request?

They banned livery threads, only tracking threads are allowed.

We can track liverys once they’re confirmed but we can’t request liveries on this topic. Each request needs to be on a seperate topic

Seems I always get it backwards.

It’s okay just change the topic to tracking thread

But the MD-11 was said to be added “soon”.

Exactly so change the title so that it doesn’t get closed. When a livery is confirmed you add it to the title along with a wiki

How would changing the title from “livery” to “tracking” make a difference?

Livery thread might be misinterpreted as livery requests

And what if I put “livery tracking thread”? Would it still may be confused as a request?

No, because it’s just for tracking confirmed liveries

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This stays in general, not features. It doesn’t suggest a feature.

Okay but doesn’t it track confirmed features?

Yes, it does. It tracks confirmed Liveries.

And future confirmed liveries are features. Lets not argue or the thread will be closed.

@Sturmovik Please stop moving it to #features, this stays in #general as it doesn’t cast a feature. Dash 8 Family Tracking Thread is also in #general.

#youlikeusinghashtagsallthetimenowdush ;)