McClellan-Palomar Airport

McClellan Palomar Via San Deigo County Public Works

Hello folks, I currently have KCRQ open on the expert server for an hour or two. I thought I would invite everyone to come to visit this airport. It’s quite cute, featuring a short runway and facing right out towards the water with multiple fun GPS approaches for you to try. Come fly some circuits or take a nice VFR flight up the coast towards LA county.

Feel free to bring anything up to an E-Jet or CRJ.

Approach service provided by the always fantastic @Yacht .

See you there!


Cool I’ll be there in an A380 in like 5 minutes


KCRQ closed, thanks to the few who dropped by!

Noooooo, I missed it. CRQ is the closest airport to my house… lol

How can you find it?

Two great resources here.

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That’s from Navigraph charts, in which can only be obtainined through a subscription.

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