McCarran Airport Parking Garage Fire

A few hours ago a fire damaged 7 cars in the Terminal 3 Parking Garage but it has started again less then 20 minutes ago which is 4:30. All terminal 3 aircraft have been moved to terminal 1. Terminal 3 is the International Terminal here in Las Vegas. No injuries have been recorded.

I’ll keep you updated


Wait wait wait what???

How did this happen while I was watching the Nellis AFB airshow?

People think the car overheated, if you look at McCarran right now you can see it. It restarted again. I’m also going to tomorrow’s Nellie AFB show :)

Anyways no injuries so far

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You might want to change the title to “mccaran airport parking garage fire” as this has nothing to do with aviation.

Aight, sorry. Haven’t posted on this forum in months.

Very scary!

Side note: I opened the link and as I was reading through it a thing popped up on my screen and said I had just won a $1000 Walmart gift card.
Anyone who visits the page don’t be fooled you did not win anything
Sorry for being off topic just a warning

I’ll switch the link to another has theres multiple news articles

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Parking garage fire… at an airport 🤔

Not Real World Aviation. More like “Real world car damages”