Mazyad's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello everyone!

This is my ATC tracking thread, I hope you can join if I am open.

Status: CLOSED

Airport: N/A

Runway/s in use: TBA

Please remember to update your topic title when you close.

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Yea sorry I forgot

I am open at KHYI.

Hope you can join :)

might close in 10 mins cuz no one is joining.

I’ll come by!

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ATC Feedback - A few mistakes you can work on (Speedbird 1455).

  • 35 was not the best choice since it had a crosswind the wind direction was 310 therefore 31 was the best choice since it had a headwind runway 31 runway heading is 310. 2.1 Runway Selection and Pushback | Infinite Flight

  • When I requested full stop you haven’t cleared me for the option yet so there was no need to clear me for the option you would have to clear me for landing.

  • Exit runway command aim point is 70kts so 54kts would be a little late but it’s ok. 3.5 Exit Runway / Go-Around | Infinite Flight

Hope this helps you on your ATC journey merry Christmas Eve!

Sorry I had to leave early because I’m busy.

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Hello IFC!

I am now open at LFOT.

Feedback from B-LSM:

1.Ground is good
2.takeoff Clearance is good
3.Transition is good
4.Landing clearance is good
5.Departure to xx is good

Overall, great job 👏

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You mean 9V-SUM 🙂 yea and thanks for the feedback and for joining

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