Mazyad's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello everyone this is my ATC tracking thread, details are below:

Airport: N/A

Status: CLOSED

Diasplay Name: IFKWT - Mazyad

Frequencies: Ground/Tower

Server: Training

ATC OPS: 1522


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Hello everyone I am open at OKBK.

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Hey i was N705AR sorry but the wreck on final there. All was good with a couple minor things:

  1. When I made a request to change to runway 33L from 33R since I was on the upwind leg, you told me enter right downwind rwy33L. The best instruction would have been “enter left downwind RWY 33L”. Again only minor.
  2. When you cleared me for the option I reported full stop. You then cleared me again to land since you cleared me for the option which clears me to touch and go, low approach, stop and go or land. You dont have to reclear me to land since I was already cleared to land just respond with Roger. Both these minor mistakes everyone has made at something myself included. Just work on those things keepit up and you’ll be IFATC in no time! Thanks for the service!!
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Hello there @Tomjuul1996 Thanks for coming to the airport, I didn’t know that I had to only say Roger, and for the runway change I also didn’t know that, thanks for telling me!

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no worries I did the same thing. Other than those 2 things everything was great keep up the good work!

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