Mazyad’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello guys I am working hard to be an IFATC one day, and I hope you guys support me and join my ATC sessions.


Airport: TBA


Runway/s in use TBA

Display Name Mazyad

Hi there, I found no errors, Keep it up :) G-USMN

  • I was using TBM - I requested Pushback - You instructed me to Taxi was spot on

  • First Pattern: I think you must have got carried away - Clearance was late but then you said “I’m sorry” so no issue there

  • Second Pattern - Clearance was given in timely manner

  • Transition: 3000ft was spot on

  • Inbound: Nice Pattern & Clearance

  • Exit Command: No issues there

  • Your sequencing looked good too when another aircraft took off for patterns.

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Hey Usman thank you for your feedback and thanks for coming to my session.

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