Mayor of Barcelona Wants To Ban Madrid Flights

Flew this route in November, and I would definitely choose flying over trains. Right now, both airports have dedicated check-in areas for these flights known as the “corridor” or something similar, and flights leaving every 30 minutes/an hour or something… definitely not in favor of this. I’m sure many people agree, so I don’t see it happening soon.

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True. Planes = Superiority.

We have like zero high speed trains here in the US so I have absolutely no idea of how long they take 😂

The UK has some but only in a radius where I can’t access them. They’re very iconic trains if I say so. Did I mention they have sick nicknames? “Pendolino”, “Javelin”, that kind of thing.

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I mean, let’s see what happens. The mayor wants to ban flights but hasn’t. Let’s see if she bans the flights first of all, and secondly, if banned, we need to analyze the positives and negatives of the situation.

That’s a difficult piece of legislation to be approved by the boys above her and I’d think there’d be some protest against the proposal.

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I think we have to also consider the politics between Spain and Catalonia. More people probably connect from Barcelona to Madrid. (Also just searching some flights, the cheapest flights to the Americas don’t actually connect through Madrid from Barcelona, but instead through Paris and Portugal.) Anyways, perhaps they want to control more operations, and encourage more direct flights to Barcelona.

Yeah… no. I really dislike this idea. I like trains but for a short-haul route that requires a capacity that of a wide body? You can’t fit that many people onto a train.

That kind of depends on the airlines, and their prices though, like no Star Alliance carrier flies nonstop from San Francisco to Barcelona, but airlines like Level/Iberia do, so I wouldn’t fly with them. There are a lot of factors in deciding what airline and route and stuff, so I don’t think this is the reason, but it could be one of the factors I guess.

If I were to travel between these two cities I would 100% go by rail anyways. HS trains are so much more comfortable, quiet, just as fast (over this distance), and most of them have free (working) wifi to boot.


Good point! Seems like that then - maybe more long haul routes instead.

Not to mention “Azuma”, “Class 43 High Speed Train”, oh wait, that last one isn’t very catchy.

The rail system in the UK is ok but very expensive and overly complicated. “High speed” trains in the UK, with the exception of Javelin and Eurostar trains on HS1, operate at a maximum speed of only 125 mph. High speed trains in the rest of Europe are much faster, reaching speeds of almost 200 mph. They’re also cheaper.

If, like me, you live in the UK and have to deal with our crappy, expensive, complicated and (foreign) state owned rail system, just be glad that you don’t live in the US. Their passenger trains are truly awful.

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i agree on that when you are only going from A to B in this case barcelona to madrid the train is the better option but lets say youre going from A to C via B going A to B with the train will just take to much time. i think the number of flights could be reduced if the train will be the more attractive option if more people take the train that will automaticly lead to less demand for flights on the route

A ICE4 (newest German high-speed train) has more than 800 seats.
The problem is often the capacity of the rail lines (at least in Germany) doesn’t allow for services every 30 minutes.

And hourly services with over 700 seats are full here at some times during the day.

In Spain that is less a problem from what I heard, but really not sure about this one.

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It doesn´t seems to me a good idea, or a contrasted idea.

Both, High speed (AVE) between Madrid and Barcelona and Puente Aéreo (Air corridor) are full all day.

I tried both, If your final destination is Madrid or Barcelona, the train runs better, Center to center, not boarding time, comfortable with bar area.

If you are flying to MAD or BCN to take other flight, the best choice is the plane also if you have to check the luggage in.

The best solution to remove the airplane is to connect Barajas to the high speed net. Better Barajas as it is the “America´s gateway”.

Finally both airports have to improve (more) their communications to center.

Here in Spain, always are talking about remove things and trying to be like they want but never they propose solutions.



I live near Barcelona and I think that it’s a good idea. Not only the train has a much higher demand and more capacity, it’s also a clean method of transport. The AVE (Spanish high-speed train) is also quieter. The flight is operated by Iberia in ERJ-45s (I think) and Airbus A320-200s. For such a short flight that’s more than enough and these flights were half-capacity when I flew in them. There’s also a low-cost variant of the high-speed train coming in shortly, so this is, in my opinion, a much better idea to generate more income and have a greener, cleaner planet.

Only the rails themselves are state owned. Other than that, nothing is really nationalised. Everything is privatised, that’s why the tickets are expensive. It hasn’t been nationalised in a long time, where many older folks Cherie the days of British Rail.

That’s why Spain is pretty corrupt too.

For your information this trip is already covered by the Thalys

I’m referring to the fact that many train operating companies in the UK are at least partially owned by foreign state owned companies. For example, the new company running intercity services on the west coast mainline is a consortium of FirstGroup (70%) and Trenitalia (30%). Trenitalia is owned by the Italian Government. This is the case with numerous other ToCs in the UK.