Mayhem at JFK

So I was on final (4 miles out from JFK runway 4L) when JFK Tower went offline, I was cleared to land on runway 4L but then as soon as tower had went offline I immediately announced that I was on final on runway 4L then a CRJ-200 decided to takeoff when I was 1 mile out and made me go around, super annoying when that happens. I came back around for landing on runway 4L when I noticed a delta flight a few miles to my right so I started to climb to avoid it then I got kicked. I understand I should’ve descended since I was lower than that delta flight (not by much I don’t think) so I believe that is what got me kicked but I wouldn’t have been in that situation if that CRJ-200 never made me go around. I feel like there should be a system in place that gives someone who made someone go around by being on the runway when you’re not supposed to like when a plane is a minute away from touch down a violation. This was in an expert server.


Do you have a replay of the entire event unfolding?

Yup, do I need to upload that?

It may be helpful.

Ok I’ll do that

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The game is the game. Don’t need to make anything big about it. happens also in real life sometimes

And when that happens I imagine ATC gives the pilot at fault a number to call.

I mean it’d be concerning if JFK tower went “offline” IRL in the first place


Yeah that would be concerning 😂😂

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I agree. We need players to really hold short of runway. It is also not fair for someone to go around and then get kicked, I’ve been around 5 times before and i landed while a aircraft took of😤

What do you mean you got kicked ?

I got a message that ATC or a moderator kicked me from the server

How do I attach a screen recording?

If you’d like to appeal your violation, our appeals group would be happy to look into your inquiry. Please send a message to the @ appeals group and someone will be able to assist you further. Sorry to hear about the negative experience!

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