Mayday! Mayday! Infinite Flight Accident Board

This is a reboot of the original that got closed. Post all your IF Accidents and Incidents here!


At first I thought that logo was something in Arabic, no offense.


Accidently hit my rudder all the way to the left. Long story short my auto pilot cut off and I nose dived to the ground.


I like the logo, but Infinite Flight accidents are few and far between since emergencies are not simulated in IF ;)

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Me too. Again no offense

Same here!

American Airlines Flight 415
Tokyo Narita International Airport, Narita, Japan
San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, California, United States Of America
October twentieth, 2016
Equipment: Boeing 767-300 jet
Accident type: Commercial airliner crash while on final approach
Accident description
American Airlines Flight 415 (hereafter referred to as 767 and the 767) was on final approach about 3 miles from KSFO when suddenly part of the tail gave way and caused an uncontrollable descent.

Photo taken minutes before impact, showing missing part of tail

When the aircraft finally recovered, it was at a low low height of 400 ft and needless to say slammed into the Pacific at 12:00 pm Pacific time.

Last known photo ever taken of flight 415.

Since the aircraft had gathered so much speed from its descent, it impacted at 600 mph, instantly killing all 400 souls on board and obliterating the aircraft. It also killed 10 people from the wave set off by the impact. This is one of the worst aircraft disasters in IF history.
Inspired in part by Alaska Airlines flight 261. All people on board that aircraft rest in peace.


400 on a 767? That must have been packed…[quote=“FrenchBlueA330, post:7, topic:74385”]
400 souls on board


Busy route 😁

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I was unaware of the resemblance to an Arabic symbol, I did not mean any offense.

It’s the bit after IF…

AF 7476 would change his name to AF 7 4 7 6 but he have make successive toutch to back an accendentally touch "End Flight"
pilote and passengers are lost in an offline vortex
sorry controleurs :(

Excellent point, that could be interesting for solo mode. @CaptDrew and I have simulated diversions for emergency reasons. Has anyone else done make believe emergencies on IF?


I have :) it’s kinda fun

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How do you do it?

MaxSez: This is such bogus BS! Wanna tell a story write a book! “Norita” give me a brake that not an IF itinerary! This is just another shoddy attempt to push the PanPan/Mayday dead Topic by the back door! Have at it Peanuts!

(Accident Boards & Air Police died a cruel death and are buried in an unmarked grave. I took a pass on Flagging this it redundant, serves no useful purpose and takes up to much foolish storage space)


What did they do, put seats in the cargo hold? Even Thomascook can’t fit 400 in a 763!

This is just a collection of your screw ups. Don’t be a screw-up

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Why would anyone be offended by abaric lettering?

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Actually kind of like the logo.

But let’s be realistic about accidents and passengers, please!