MAYDAY! Does anyone on board have flying experience?

If this was called over the intercoms, what would you do? Do you think that you could help land a plane in an emergency (Obviosly this doesn’t apply to real pilots!!) Has IF given you enough practice to even attempt a real landing? To be honest I probably injure all the pax even in IF, so I don’t think I’d be any good in a real plane! What about you?


Hell I’d give it a good try! I want to be a commercial pilot anyway so yea!


Work Experience: Nearly died trying to land a 747 at EHAM.


If all pilots onboard are not able to fly, and I’m the only in the cabin who knows something about airplanes, I will probably attempt to land…


Yes,nto be honest that’s the philosophy I would hold- if I’m the best they can get, I’ll go for it. Maybe even if all pilots are down and they’ve only got one volunteer- I suppose two is better than one, always. But if they had open or two decent people getting us down, I’d probably take a literal back seat!

If there was no other passenger with real life flying experience I would definitely volunteer. I was lucky enough to be in an Airbus simulator once at one of their training centers but can’t say I knew what I was doing, just following instructions from the pilot next to me. I’d need someone on ATC to talk me through it all for sure and hope for the best.


Lol all of you lot wanna be a superhero!!! dream on😴 dreaming is free.


I saw a while back on YT…just looking around…an actual video of a newbie pilot with a instructor aboard and no real world flying experience except from FSX or Xplane or some similar desktop flight sim…actually flying and landing a Cessna on his own for the first time with no assistance… in fact he said it was easier to fly for real than in the sim…just saying…


Same thing. I would land that beast like a charm :)

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To be fair I’m not sure they’d let you in the cockpit these days unless you worked for the airline, I’m not sure it’s allowed any more, for security.

Never been in that situation before but having the XP in IF, I’ve handled some planes in real life (Cessnas cruisinf at a couple thousand feet though).

However, without any knowledge regarding airplane cockpits, no IF pilot can confidently land a real plane. First is the easy stuff: Flaps, spoilers, and gear. Once you figure those out you have to corrextly engage the thrust reversers, make the precise adjustments to land, etc.

It’d be a mess.

Maybe an IF pilot could land but not well


maybe, but depends on the airplane, seeing as Boeing aircraft have a yoke whereas Airbus’ have a joystick, it seems like Boeings would be easier to control. I do have several hours in the C172.

Oh hell ya. Obviously it has to be Airbus because I want to be an airline pilot with Aer Lingus and they fly mostly Airbuses so ya definitely

I say its worth a go!

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I sure would try… Thing is, aren’t most cockpit doors inaccessible these days? The plane could be full of pilots but if you can’t get into the darn chair, what’s the point? Remember when that German copilot snapped and locked the captain out? So I guess it depends on the plane.

Unless you were able to get on the radio and talk to someone knowledgable about that aircraft, I think the odds are pretty low.

That said, here’s a case where a low-time student pilot managed to safely land the King Air he was flying in after his pilot died at the controls: I think the audio is even more amazing than the Speedbird 38 crash at Heathrow in 2010:

BTW, the controllers who helped 9DW deservedly won the NATCA’s Archie League President’s Award in 2009:

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If this was an emergency I’m pretty sure ATC could talk me down safelyish (very optimistic here) If you know about gear, speed, flaps and where you actually are I guess you might have a chance of not dying


Right Misha.

Ur right misha, there was a documentary on this a while ago, some guy took over the cockpit, and air traffic talked him through the whole landing procedure and he did get the plane onto the runway, 737-800 by memory,