“Mayday!” Air Crash - Alaska 1512


“Alaska 1512, cleared for takeoff, runway 29.” Were the last words spoken to flight 1512 for Alaska Airlines. The flight, started routine, turned into a catastrophe, adding to the hundreds of crashed aircraft scattered around the state. The aircraft, a 737-800, with 26 aboard, crashed into a mountain somewhere between Wrangell and Juneau, AK. Here are the events that perused the moment of takeoff.

17:00 Local: On time departure, Wheels up for Alaska 1512, bound for Juneau. All is normal, the pilots may think they have enough fuel, but they do not know the truth.

17:22 Local: 22 minutes into the flight, between Ketchikan and Wrangell, Alaska 1512 loses all autopilot functions, and they cannot hear ATC transmissions from Anchorage Center. The pilots are forced to fly VFR, their flight plan involves landmarks as well to guide them, which may become a problem.

17:46 Local: Alaska 1512’s fuel has depleted, causing both engines to fail almost simultaneously. They have deviated roughly 70nm from the flight path, as the pilots can’t see mountains and rivers, their main source of navigation. Their radio has failed completely, they cannot tell anyone about their inevitable crash.

17:58 Local: A near miss by account from some of the passengers, probably 40 feet. The pilots of Alaska 1512 have realized their inevitable fate is closer than they think. The plane is on a direct collision course with the ground.

18:03 Local: Roughly 1 hour from takeoff, Alaska 1512 makes a direct nose-first hit to a mountain. There is no fire, as the fuel is fully depleted.

10:44 Local (5 days later): A hiker hiking the mountains, by coincidence, finds the plane crash. He heard a loud bang at his campsite, but didn’t expect anything. He found all 26. survivors, they must have all gone to the safest place in a crash, the back. He called 911 and they were at the scene in an hour.

This is Infinite Flight, not real! No planes or virtual people were harmed
And if you’re wondering why there were so little passengers, it was an under booked flight, between 2 small airports. Well, thanks for viewing this, I hope you enjoyed it, and turned up your brightness. I guess @Charles_B started a trend 😏, so thanks for inspiration! Feedback is accepted and have a great day, be safe!


I really like the story line! Nice work! :)

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Why thank you!

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When does the investigation report come out?!?!?!?! NTSB

Nice ok

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The investigation comes out in a week. Help me keep my word and PM me about it.

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@Butter_Boi… MaxSez: Leave it to a “Boi” with a vivid imagination to set me up. Can’t believe I got fished into reading the whole thing. OhMy! Story Time on IF not the first but here’s hoping this does not become a bloviators trend… G’day, Max


Thanks Max! I agree with you, honestly hope it doesn’t turn into a huge trend like rain.

They need to investigate the maintenance procedures for that aircraft to understand how such a flight would have insufficient fuel! Perhaps they missed a puncture causing a fuel leak

They shall investigate. Who knows why they ran out?

Nice @Butter_Boi I really like it keep it up , really cool 👍🏽😁

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Thanks so much @Armani_B!

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Next on National Geographic,Air Crash Investigation - Surviving The Unbelievable

Nice Story, I must say. It was a great read and does make the reader hooked on to it, wanting to know what’s going to happen next🧐



What can I say?

That was incredible!
Well done ;)

Thank you so much! My Language Arts teachers should see this. Past, and present.

Thank you @Luke_King-kong!


Lol virtual people, nice shots!

Nice topic mate, great pictures and storyline!

I’ll definitively be making one soon 👀

let the trend begin!

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Using free camera ;)

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I like it! Nice idea, will it be a series?

@Sashaz55, yes I should make it a series.

Thanks @MaxedOut and @AlphaSeven!


At first I though this was an IF documentary on Alaska 1866

It Is very similar, to say the least.