Maybe it was the last time

Maybe it was for the last time

Hello everyone !
As you all know the 777 is currently being reworked I thought about the livery that will be removed. We all still don‘t know but I think it‘ll be the IF 2015 livery :(
This is why I took a shot so that we can remember it.
The new 777 will be one of the best aircraft ever in IF but for me the old one is a legend as I‘ve done many flight with it :)
All in all I‘m looking forward to having the new one !

Flight details

Aircraft: 777-200ER (IF 2015 livery)
Airport: -
Flight time: -
I saw this pic in my gallery and the only thing I still know is that I took it loooong time ago :)

Here again in black:

When the update‘s out I will bump it again and just say: Bye Bye !

Thanks for visiting my topic and as always:

See you around


Nice photos!

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I really doubt it that they will remove it as it shows the history of IF but who knows

Nice pics

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Bye Bye good old 777 !