Maybe i found out what happened with ET302

First of all, sorry if i’m posting here, i don’t have access to Real Life Aviation yet.
But i think that i could have discovered something.
I’m not NTSB but, the TV said that the Co-pilot had only 200 hours of flight time,
usually the copilot stays at the right of the cockpit, and the switch that deactivates the auto-trim are in the right side of the panel. What if the Captain told the copilot to deactivate the auto trim, but the copilot was inexpert and he didnt know where the switch was? Maybe the captain tried to deactivate as well, but the Gforce maybe wasnt helpful.
Do you think this is a good theory?

It’s a very possible theory. The NTSB will know somewhat what happened after they listen to the black boxes.

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Yes!! It’s possible.

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