Maybe I did wrong.

I want to try to find Air France1234 from the forum, but I can’t find it. Is that my fault? If so, I want to apologize to him.

You’ve got to check the username of the pilot.
Do note that not everyone in Infinite Flight has an account on the forum

If he’s on that server with a low grade, it’s highly unlikely you’ll find him here.

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Is this on the training server?

It’s the training server. I want to know if it’s my fault or the ATC commands fault.

Air France1234 very rare call sign. It will be much harder to pin point him ;)

It’s the atc fault, he didn’t see who he had cleared

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What server is this? Casual?. everybody tail gate, if its training… atc clear them in batch.

He said training lol

Whether it’s training servers or other servers, I follow the rules of the game, but if there’s a violation, I’ll find out if it’s my problem or ATC’s problem.

I do that for all servers except casual lol that I chill and yolo😂

The problem is rest of 70% won’t follow so don’t worry…everybody gets along very well there.

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I haven’t been to a leisure server since G2.

Even if ATC gives clearance, don’t go unless it’s really clear.


The ATC clearly made an error here.
But…don’t forget that you as a pilot have a responsibility too. If you see an immediate clash, you obviously don’t follow the instruction.

The pilot is ultimately responsible for the safety of his aircraft


Okay, I see.

@azeeuwnl he is absolutely correct, the ATC made a mistake. but you as a pilot have the responsibility of maintaining flight safety, seeing an aircraft in the runway, you should not be in such a hurry to enter the runway.
reminding you also that many controllers in the TS are still in the learning phase so these errors can be frequent, then the next time after receiving the clearence check if the runway is free. and remember a good pilot always learns.

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This will not happen again. I will continue to learn about flying. Thank you very much


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