Maya Island Air C208 Grand Caravan

                            Maya Island Air C208 Grand Caravan

Maya Island Air is an airline with its head office on the second floor of Building #1 of Belize City Municipal Airport in Belize City, Belize. It operates regular scheduled flights to 11 destinations within Belize and chartered flights to Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. Its main base is the Philip S. W.

In my opinion this is a very cool livery with flights to very beautiful destinations! With the texture update for the C208 I think this would look perfect.

Also make sure to vote for it’s rival airline, Tropic Air, too: Tropic Air C208 Grand Caravan

Never heard of this airline before but I’ve actually never flown to Belize, maybe this could change that 😏


Wow their livery looks really nice! 😮

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That’s a pretty sick livery!

if you ever do let me know it would be nice to meet some infinite flight players I live in caye caulker

@KBUR_Aviation Thank you for requesting it as a Belizean i always fly in-game to all airports around Belize in the caravan it would be great if we had does liveries in-game