May The 4th Be With You

Ah Star Wars day, an occasion celebrated across the world and also throughout aviation, with many aircraft having some special liveries.


Of course most of us know of the trio Star Wars aircraft operated by ANA- All Nippon Airways (R2D2, BB8, C3P0 and a millennium falcon apparently), but how many of you were aware that last year United Airlines released a 737-800 decked out to celebrate “The Rise Of Skywalker”?


Sadly what with the minimal air traffic currently, I don’t think most of us will be lucky enough to see them flying today.

Virgin Australia however had their own Star Wars themed arrival specially ready for today. Virgin Atlantic having released the galaxy’s edge last year on its Boeing 747, not to be outdone, the Australians opted for a much more modest approach this year:

I can only imagine the conversation the marshaller had with his supervisor entailing something along the lines of “So there’s gonna be this massive plane, and there’s gonna be lightsabers right, it’s gonna be lit.”

It truly is a shame that the current global situation has put this on a halt. Airlines are amazing at celebrating May 4th, look at United putting storm troopers on a plane for example, and I think we may have seen some exciting new themed liveries this year.

Luke Skywalker famously said the Millennium Falcon was a “piece of junk” but sadly, it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to fly on anything else this year…


Let’s just say Virgin Australia doesn’t want to spend any more money than it needs to right now. Love how the A320 made it into the video tho. Looks great :D


@Balloonchaser May the 4th be with you my young padawan


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