May I request anything?

Hello my trust level is member can i post future requests or not



Sure, why not.

As long as Global is one of them. =D


Just don’t create a bunch of requests at once, though.


Especially DC-10 or MD-11 ones. D=


You are free to post anything as long as it is not a duplicate or unnecessary(noise). Remember the next trust level will be the regular

Sure, don’t hesitate! As long as you respect all the #features guidelines, you’re fine. Here are the most important things you should know:

  • Make sure to search before posting to make sure nobody requested your wish in the past.

  • Post in #features (#developer is for contributors only).

  • Avoid requesting more than two/three requests in less than 24 hours.

  • Use one picture only. Don’t forget to give credit to the respective owner to avoid any legal issues.

  • Make a topic for each of your idea/wish.

  • Please request meaningful things only.

If you still have any further question, make sure to reply below or to PM any regular user like myself. :)


Great answers above.

Also remember to search prior to posting your feature request. This’ll prevent duplicate topics from being made and keep the forums clutter free. Make sure you also provide photo credits (provide a link or use a picture with a watermark) when using a picture in your request.

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