May I have some help

Does anyone know how to set up a group flight formatting that looks good. I want to set up a. 757 release flight. PHNL-KSEA-KATL-TNCM-TIST

Being a empty transfer flight.

With the delta 757

So if anyone know how to may they please help me

The GroupFlights category has all the info you seek, as well as countless examples of past, present, and future flights that you can reference.

Thank you!

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Oh so I need dot put it on to #live:events

If you are not planning to fly your scheduled routes until release day, then yes it should be under live events. I will link the rules for that category as well for you

A group flight is more of a short notice thing that some community members may join. An event is more thoroughly planned and typically gets more attendants. If you want to make this an event here’s a very thorough tutorial for creating one:

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Thank you

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A good place to start is to always read the “About” topics pinned in each category, as they contain all the information you need to know for posting in the specific category.

Good luck! :)

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