May be my problem or server's

Long haul flight from EGLL to KSFO, halfway in between I just realised I disconnected from the internet hours ago. Only got a flight time of 15mins 😭

But this does keep happening I’m not actually disconnected from the internet but disconnected from the server, it keeps happening on my long hauls idk if it’s a my problem but I don’t know anyone with this issue either so maybe just me

do you maybe get a pop up or something?

Welcome, Several people have experienced this and it’s not fun experience at all especially if you were doing a longhaul, so we are hoping that some stuff can be done to make everyone stay connected no matter what because Internet connection is strong and stable but live server struggling to stay connected or fully disconnecting mid-flight, its quite confusing to understand if you have very good and stable Internet which doesn’t seem to have problems, this is very serious situation for your flight to be good, we do not know of any proper solution or explanation for this yet but here is a picture below of what you are experiencing along with numerous other pilots

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Nope, I knew I disconnected cause it shows the system status and the top. But no there wasn’t a pop up.


When there would have really been “numerous other pilots” experiencing getting disconnected, the situation would have been completely different.

Instead, servers are running stable.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you aren’t experiencing issues, but there are many factors that have an impact on network stability that have nothing to do with Infinite Flight, or their servers at all.

Please stop making it look like IF’s servers are garbage.
Spreading this negativity isn’t helping.


Hello, i posted it because it matches what some people experience in their flight when the because it’s on their phone connection from their side since it may be confusing to have this problem if their intenet connection is good, I should’ve been more clear and yes my apologies, it’s my bad for making it look like that it’s the server and yes negative isn’t good to post, never even wanted it or meant for it to be perceived that way, only positive is good. Infinite flight has already gone so far just even having global flying on it’s own is is very big achievement, Much appreciated, thank you

I had same issue

Its all about who has a healthy and reliable wifi signal. I fortunately have 2 wifi signals in my house so that I could experiment, and I suggest u play near or around the router for best results… and use xfinity wifi IM JUST SAYING it has the best results imo

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