[May be Closed] Infinite Flight Wikipedia Page? (Only FIVE sentences are on the Wiki!)

So guys, it looks like this whole Wikipedia thing has come to a close… thanks for your amazing support!

Important info from Nov 1 2018:

And now for my original post:

When most people don’t know what something is… they’ll Google it.
And often times, the top Google search result turns out to be… you guessed it… Wikipedia.

It appears that the Infinite Flight page used to be a good bit larger than it is now? (I’m looking at the screenshots from this topic: Infinite Flight Wikipedia Page)

However… look at the IF Wikipedia page now: Infinite Flight - Wikipedia
Besides quotes from reviewers, there are only five sentences of information on the ENTIRE page?!?

I think we as a community should get together and draft up a version of what the Wiki page should look like. I plan on listing a draft directly below this text:

[EDIT 1 Nov 2018: I’m going to cancel this rough-draft portion since we might as well do it on the Wikipedia page itself]

Note: Entries may require a valid source to be accepted by Wikipedia.

Please feel free to share info that you’d like to see appear on the Wiki page! Hopefully we can make it larger than 5 sentences (or at least raise awareness of this issue)…


We defiantly should improve that wiki page!


I’m just going to get us started with this statement:
I think we should add a section devoted to just the ATC side of Infinite Flight.
What do you all think?


I definitely think this Wiki page could be updated! Infinite Flight is a great simulator that deserves more recognition than a few sentences and a badly cropped picture.

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I’m going to create the draft as it appears on Wiki now, but I’ll edit it of course as we go.

Well it’s easy for it to be vandalized it could have been because it was just edited 20 minutes ago

That’s part of the reason why I’m building a draft on the main topic. So that if it gets deleted, we can just paste it back up again.
(You can also view the edit history on the page and report a previous edit as possible vandalism.)

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I edited a word, you’re welcome. :)


I fixed a grammatical error, it’s pending submission. :)
I think it’s fair to say this has now become a Community project!


I think it need a grade requirement table?


You guys! I just realized this!
It needs a link to the Community!
Not sure where that would go so I’ll let someone else take care of it.


Hey! I’m adding all of the planes available in IF at the moment. I hope it will help others interested in purchasing Infinite Flight.


If you look at the French WIki page, it has a lot more info LOL.

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Is it in French Language?

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I added the The History of Infinite Flight Wiki outline. :)


Incase anyone sees edits from “MeesterMeesterMan,” that’s me. MrMrMan was taken 😠
@Trio History looks nice! :)


I suggest the Gameplay section to be amended as follows:

Infinite Flight allows players to fly in Solo and Live mode. Live mode requires a subscription and provides a live multiplayer environment with other aircrafts and air traffic controllers. IF offers three environments to fly, a Casual environment, Training and Expert environment. A large variety of aircrafts and liveries are available, as well as over 40,000 airports around the world.
Flying features include:

  • aircraft, livery, airport and gate selection
  • weight of aircraft with cargo, fuel and passengers
  • aircraft lights
  • fuel burn
  • live real world weather (winds and visibility)
  • various aircraft views and (some aircrafts) extra features such as door and cargo hatch control

Air Traffic Control features include:

  • Airport ATIS configuration
  • Ground control
  • Tower control
  • Approach and Departure control

It sounds interesting and i’m happy to contribute too when I have time. However, in my opinion don’t overload the page with too much information or go too in-depth into mechanics. Wikipedia should only be an introduction and those who are interested for more information can use the references to go to other places like here for an example. Remember, this is the general public who view this page. They won’t be interested in things like a timeline of development, or hiring of new staff etc. That stuff can be found here if they’re interested

For an idea of what i’m saying, take a look at FSX’s page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_X


Remeber to site each portion because some revisions are being rejected. :/


Great idea :)