MAY 9 2024: Travis Air Force Base Military Ops. A fly-out and fly-in

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Hello all military Pilots, we have something happening at Travis Air Base, we having coming up the military ops at Travis Air Force Base, this is an official event hosted by @nabilk11.

This Will take Place on 9th of May at 5:00 Pm in Dubai so 9:00 am your time (note that time in USA may Vary according to the Hour and timing, so be sure to Check your time).

A Special thanks to the People for making a lot of 3D Airports and Military airports.

You can choose any gate that you want.

always listen to ATC while in Ops, collision is not allowed on Military Ops during this event, have the right callsign for USAF Ops, callsign must be like real life like of the A-10 thunderbolt, C-130, C-130H, C-130J, C130J-30, C17 Globemaster, and KC10 extender and Fighter jets such as the F22, F18, and some fighter jets. We recommend you Use ILS Approaches And GPS Approach for landings. Runways 03, 21 and Runways 14, and 32 is available, we will allow takeoff from Runway 14 and landings at Runway 03.

I wanna say thank you to @J-F_V, and @Calditaa for letting me fly with them on Expert server, they inspired me with military Tanker in the air With AAR around the world.

See you at Travis


Count me in, will come in as an RCAF flight. So might be in a USAF c-17 or a a330 which the RCAF does operate.

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Well well well, yes sir you are in.

Well well well we are starting the event today

Raptor 296 is ready

BANJO 206 heavy departing in the next hour in the C-17. CYTR to Travis AFB.

Mod can close this now

Can’t believe I missed this :( A similar event would be great

Why don’t you join the Victoria flyout

I was looking for more of a military thing, but sure I’ll attend.

No worry’s a event will be created for June 7-9 for a military ops