May 25th - Breeze A220 Inaugural Flight

Hello everyone and welcome to my event! As some people may know, Breeze is launching their brand new A220-300 on it’s inaugural flight from Richmond, VA (KRIC) to Tampa, FL (KTPA). I think this is the first flight but if not, it’s at least release day! :) Also as potentially future CEO of Breeze Virtual, this is very exciting! Come join me as we enjoy Breeze’s A220 on a short flight down to Tampa, FL!

Event Information

Route: Richmond, VA (KRIC) to Tampa, FL (KTPA)
Date: Wednesday, May 25th, 2022
Time: 2022-05-25T22:00:00Z
Server: Expert


KRIC Ground, Tower, and ATIS: @JSRibs28
KRIC Departure: Vacant
KTPA Ground, Tower, and ATIS: Vacant
KTPA Approach: Vacant

How to Join

To join this event, all you gotta do is just spawn at the gates. At the bottom it would be much appreciated if you clicked “Going” so we know how many people are joining this event.


  • I am NOT responsible for any violations you may recieve

  • Follow ALL ATC instructions

  • If ATC is not active, use UNICOM wisely

  • Fly at your own risk

  • Have fun :)



Is ground, tower, and atis available for this event? Would be great if I can take those frequencies :)

IFATC Specialist,

Hey @JSRibs28! So it is, it’s just which one do you want? KRIC or KTPA? Thanks for volunteering!


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KRIC please, thanks

All signed up for GTS in KRIC. See you there @JSRibs28!


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ill take KTPA GTS

Sounds good @GHAZB! I’ll put you down. Thanks!


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Less than a week away!!!

I would love to join!

I believe The first flight on the breeze a220 was one week ago from Tampa-Las Vegas

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No that flight didn’t have passengers on it. That was a test flight to make sure the A220 was working fine. My event may not be the first, but it is launch day for Breeze’s A220-300 series.


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Oh, gotchu.

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Who’s is excited for tomorrow!!!

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Me! I am very excited! 😁

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Also KTPA is back to being “Vacant” as the original IFATC controller could not make it.

I’ll join the event

Gate list is inbound shortly if you haven’t spawned

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