May 1, 2014. Alaska Airlines (N769AS) Boeing 737-400. KSEA/SEA - KSFO/SFO

Kadie and we went to ride the plane, Alaska Airlines, a little old Boeing 737-400 (N769AS) from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to San Francisco International Airport took 2 hours left from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

  • I have my old iPhone 4s for camera the right window in the plane.

The gate C17, KSEA/SEA. Alaska Airlines (N607AS) Boeing 737-700 “Portland Timbers” scheme.

When before we takeoff Runway 16C from KSEA/SEA. The Sea, California. Sunset.

KSFO/SFO Airport.

San Mateo Bridge, Foster City, California.

We were in the plane next right traffic later landing at SFO Airport. Newark, California.

Near Landing runway, KSFO/SFO Airport. San Mateo Bridge, Foster City, California.

Burlingame, California.

Before we were Landing on 28R Runway, KSFO/SFO Airport. Next cross 28L Runway.

This is missing your flight the old Virgin America Airbus A319 and A320 at KSFO/SFO.

The last stop arrives the gate Terminal 1, KSFO/SFO Airport. You look the front of the nose and the head 3 digit number is “769” on Alaska Airlines.

Yes, I know about my old iPhone 4s. The pictures are blurry so my apologies make no sense, the hard thing for me is very sorry :-(.

I have two times to ride the old Boeing 737-400 with Alaska Airlines, last on May 2014 for 7 years ago very enjoy my pictures?

Thank you for Watching!


Beautiful retro pics! Brings back good memories!


Yes, Thank you!

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Those are amazing pictures! I love the fact that there’s no winglets!


Wow! You’re so lucky!

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Yes, thank you!

Yes, thank you!


Ah, how I miss the 737-400 :( I always had a curiosity for the 737-400 combis which I would occasionally see in JNU. Good job!

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Yes, thank you! But only we were riding the plane passengers on Boeing 737-400 and isn’t Combi else anyone on Alaska Airlines.

gummy worm


Lol…retro you can just tell by those weird engine support things lol


I ask you about the engines used by Boeing 737-400. The engines are “CFM International CFM56” that’s Boeing 737 Classic are 300, 400 and 500. I saw check on the internet for Google information, too.

Yeah…I was just saying the thing on the trailing edge of the wing next to the flaps. Wasn’t talking about the engine type; the NGs and 300, 400 ,500s all have the same engine.

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Oh, I see. Well, then I couldn’t figure it thing about it engines on the Boeing Classic and NG, too and yes, I see. Thanks, man.

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