MaxXCubSpotVenture: Kathmandu to Hillary BaseCamp (Mt. Everest‘ @ VNKT - START time Change 1530 Eastern

MaxSez: Here we go again, for those who Dare!
100+ miles of high Himalayan Mountain chills and thrills on EXP.

We are off from Kathmandu (KMKT) on the Plan to the Hillary based camp at the base of Everest at 900+AGL, “Lukla” (VNLK). (Alt 02 assumed).

Depart Kat 1530 Eastern in a Gaggle. Free Flight. First one into Hillary crowned an Aviator.

The route below is suggested, modification enroute to be expected. Approach to LUKLA a challenge takes Good Eye’s and a Steady Hand!

Good Luck, Max


Hey Max! This is 20 minutes from now, so perhaps it would be in #live:groupflights :)


A tad late but on the way! Will try to catch up!

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Please wait meee!!

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SEE NEW EVENT TOPIC FOR PICS… Thanks for the memory all…


Thanks for the flight! Always a unique and interesting area to fly into!