MaxWx: US ECoast & NW 1st Snow Expect Delays

MaxSez: It’s beginning to look alot like Xmas. How’s it look out your way in both RW & IF.


Moderate snowstorm here in the northeast. Here on LI, low vis with heavy snow currently falling&accumulating. Currently flying in IF with very foggy conditions! Wind isn’t bad at all though, both IRL and in IF.

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Looks like I’ll de-icing for my trip back home tonight then. :(

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@Yuan_Tugo… Junk & RW FLIGHT PLAN PLS. Thanks, Max

Thanks for the Wx report max. I’m going to go fly some low-vis approaches into Boston.

Would love to but the plan hasn’t been released yet.

East coast, through to Moncton, Gander, Oceanic to 30W with Gander then Shanwick into London via Shannon and then probably Strumble to an OCK arrival.

200 series so 370-390 depending upon weight and jetstreams I would guess.


It’s snowing up here in NJ a fair bit, i might even have to shovel soon

Reporting live from New York is OJFam…

On the very edge of the East River here we can’t see KLGA which is less then 10 miles. The bridge near by which is 2 miles is pretty gone. Weather is continuing to worsen but isn’t terribly bad.

Looks like a winter miracle, a update and snow in the same day!

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From Philly,

Visibility is minimal, winds calm, and the snow keeps on coming down.
What a great day to fly a DC-10 or MD-11 :)

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what aircraft do you fly, if I may ask?

Tonight it will be a 777-200.


Ooohh! Hope you enjoy flying it like we do on IF:-)

Have a safe flight

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@Yuan_Tugo …MaxSez; Thanks for the Plan. Will use it for a Trash Hauler Go soon. Flew a similar route useing WWll Ferry Route Chart.
Presque Isle, Gander (Goose Bay), Angmagtok Iceland, Reykjavik GLand
Storenway, Ireland, Preswick, Ireland… in a Van (C-208). Wish I had a C-47. Long Haul but interesting. IF did a great job with the Airport build out, even some old DEW line fields are operational. Stay safe out and back remember there “are no Islands in the Sky”. Warm Reguards

reporting 9nm from JFK;about 1 inch of snow and the winds aren’t that bad. Visibility isn’t the best


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