MaxWX: Today’s US WX; Baby it’s Cold & Mean Out There!

The weather I am is currently 65 with a High of 70. And sunny with a 0% chance of rain with wind blowing NorthWest at 3mph.

@Daniel14 put a sock in it…😂😂😂


@Kevin… MaxSez: Cochecton Near Bethel/On Delaware Water Gap.
Son just dug Out. Heading back to City. Pipes bust, Old Barn Down. -20, blowing snow, roads bad, 4 Wheel/Chains Only., Plows can’t keep up. All local GA Fields Closed.

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In Iowa it is already pretty bad, and is expected to get worse tonight with some snow. Not much but enough to freeze up and close schools (including mine) guess I will be flyin IF tomorrow!😝

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Wow, the winds are still pretty bad in IF. I just departed KBOS and the winds were at 35kts and gusting up to 50. Whew!

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