MaxWant's IF Class B Airport; VFR Corridor's (Vote)

MaxSez: Attempting to receive a “Transition” thru IF Controlled Class B Controlled Airspace is a chore and almost Impossible Below 050AGL (The established IF B Floor).

The communication menu allowed for Tower only to approve such a Transition request. IF Radar Controllers menu do not contain frequency switching or Transition handoff to the Tower options.

Thus reaching the time consuming 050AGL in a light GA or Hauler repositioning from a close in Reginal port is the only option. This action can be an unnecessary burden requiring re-routing to clear the great B Outer Circle, burn more, log unnecessary flight hours and inconvenience!

I consider pushing iron to 050 in clearing the Great B Circle vice Transition an Imposition & unnecessary detour which can be corrected without a Comm Menu change.

The installation of “Holes” through Class B airspace in the next IF Chart Update is reasonable and procedurally correct and a problem solver.

The AIM defines these airspace uncontrolled Hole’s as:
“ VFR corridor’s”; Described as airspace through Class B airspace, with defined vertical and lateral boundaries, in which aircraft may operate without an ATC clearance or communication with air traffic control. These corridors are, in effect, a “hole” through Class B airspace, There “Charted VFR Corridors” ( Graphic)

Let’s make things simple for Transitioning aircraft, “KISS” the issue!

What say you Community, Do we KISS VFR Corredor’s and add them to the Chart or throw this issue of mine into the Archive Dustbin?

**Vote “Yes” if your Flight Savvy and I’ll fly a Feature or “No” if your a “Sports Pilot!

  • Yes
  • No

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(KISS= Keep it Simple Stupid, Ya You!)


Well, this is one of the best proposals I have seen ever talking about airspaces.

This has to do with the maturity and ability of the pilots to not exit or violate the corridor as it can cause a potential close-call or even a crash.

Definitively, this would be a neat addition on IF!

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This would add 100% more realism to IF!

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