MaxVideo: Spooky aka Puff the Magic Dragon grew up! + All about Spector AC-130!!

MaxSez: Back in the day Puff saved my bacon, but Spector saving the day today in the war zones. These aircraft are Bad (perjoritve deleted) incarnate!

Spooky aka Puff the Magic Dragon A/C-47. RVN 1965+


How was the bacon saved? Sounds like a good bed time story for us little ones!

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@THE-OP. MaxSez: It all starts with “This is a no Sh##er” Once upon a Time long long ago all hell broke loose when I got snared in a “U” Shaped Ambush first time into the Bush. I was a cherry so they send me out first braking trail up in Leatherneck Square in the vicinity of Hill 881. To be continued.

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I’m ready, you got me waiting… when the book?


Spooky (aka Puff the Magic Dragon)’s successor is now the Spectre AC-130. Is that basically what you mean @maxmustang?


Riiighhtt, sorry @Maxmustang I understand fully now
Am I still a peanut?

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Young person, Spooky & Spector are universal code names of American Combat Aircraft. Those who know a bit about aviation are not befuddled by there use. The text and video tell the tail. Your threatening Obnoxious PM is an unwelcome assault on my good Karma but I let it pass as it stands having considered your inability to comprehend American jargon. The PM is a matter of permenant record. Additionally the use of a prejaritve in this communication borders on your callous disregard of Forum rule. I suggest you edit it. G’nite


Yes I am very sorry about what I said like I said I fully understand I didn’t before being from Australia not knowing much about old American aviation and in the pm I did not try to threaten you at all, have a great day and look forward to seeing you again!


@Oli_H. MaxSez: Not to worry Mate. Ask your beer buddies, Max is Aussie Friendly. I served beside some Anzacs before you where born in RVN and hold a special place in my soul for my comrades in arms and there kit &Kin from Down Under. Alls Well… Regards new Mate G’nite


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