MaxTracks: SeaStories; FltPlan, my first Marine Deployment;

MaxSez: As suggested here’s a Sea Story and I’m stikin to it:

Prolog: Joined The Marines at 18 in mid 59’. After BootCamp at PI went to 2dMarDiv at Lejeune. Assigned as a grunt to the Caribbean Anphib Ready Force with BLT 3/2. A 3 month cruise was ahead. (At the time the Marines had both a Carib & Mediterranean Ready Force at sea in Amphibious shipping). (FYI, Spent 31yrs in the crotch, Retired “Mustang”)

The (Segway) My Sea Story: Hit the boat for an exercise. unprepared and scared, an old, old converted WWII Cargo Liberty Ship (Blackbird) which was refitted in the 50’s as an Anphib Assault Ship, USS CHILTON APA38. A hell ship packed to the brim enroute and return with 600 rowdy strong backs & still using over the side nets to get to the boats for Assault Landing Ops in little Landing Craft WWII style . What an awakenin and salt water heads showers/ troughs for toilets & poor chow, no less.

Our route by sea direct Cuba/PR. Stoped at Gitmo, (Castro Fears) Stood guard on the fence line for a couple weeks then off to Vieques. (Back again for the Cuban Missile Crisis , same bunker, Modern Ship to shore & Helo lifts LOL)

( Flight Following Go route for your pleasure detailed as follows:

Morehead City, NC (RMRH) naval station,Guantánamo Bay Cuba (MUGM) (Castro Just took over) - The training islands of Viegas (TJVQ) and Calibra in the vicinity of Puerto Rico.<

“This route uses old style non-GPS Beacons and Radio NavAids, so the use of the new NAV1 Feature for proficiency is suggested.”

This is a 1700mi Trip, I suggest a Marine C-130 for better times sake.

After 3 months of getting. Wet, dirty, worn out & slim and trim at Vieques training, back to Lejeune by USS 38, more training…and a 31yr Career.

Here’s the FltPln & some old snaps from back in my golden days of youth:


Thanks for your service Max! More stories please ❤️


Wow! Thank you for your service :)


Really amazing to hear such cool stories like this sir! Thank you for your service protectIng our lives here at home!


Thank you for your service!

Nice! My dad and my grandfather were also US Marines. Semper Fi.

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