MaxThoughtfortheday: “How's it”?



I am doing ok still. I’m sure Tyler will be happy that you are asking people if they are ok. 😀

Maybe messaging people is they way to go to have a better chat to see how they are doing. I have got some interesting answers 😁


This scares me.

I’m doing well do, hope you’re doing alright in this time of need. Bit of a random image though. 😂

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Doing just fine, how about you old man? Staying safe?


🤣 Haha, I was just depicting this last night when I got home from work. The wife and kids ask how my day was… My hair is crazy all over the place like Jack’s and I put the biggest and fakest smile on.

Everyone, please be safe and responsible! Follow the guidelines and protect yourself while respecting others. This is the only way that we can get through this pandemic.


Not doing the greatest today, but I hope you’re doing well and staying safe, Max.


@Tsumia. MaxSez: Buck up, at 13 you have a wonderful future ahead, This to will pass. Been their done that!!!
Regards, Max


Hey Max!

Life is actually not too bad. Once I got over the unfortunate cancellations of personally beloved activities and travel, I have enjoyed getting more sleep because I can attend school from my bedroom. Also, I have been able to do more Infinite Flight flying, ATC controlling, airport editing, etc.

I hope you are staying in the abode and letting this virus make itself disappear.


Well that’ll keep me going. Thanks!


I am doing well, still hate this quarantine.

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im doing ok just waiting for the 772 update

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Nice of you to ask. I’m doing good as well. I’m lucky I still get to go to work as an essential worker. (I drive a dust truck) Currently on the way to KATL :)


It’s pretty boring, nothing to do at all. Can’t really go on IF since I have an iPhone 6. And it’s a bummer I can’t go out spotting :/

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Hey there Max!

Doing alright. Although the major pet peeves of quarantine are that I get loads of schoolwork through computers, which is a new and unfamiliar feeling to me, but I do enjoy having more time for some PT, sleep and of course feeding my flying bug. Hope all’s going well with you in there!



Doing well Max and glad to hear you’re doing well. Trying to hold myself together and prevent myself from turning into a Bad Peanut. 😜




Thanks for reaching out Max. Great to see you up and fine! Take care 🍀


JRSez; Caught Covid-19, early days of March. But Spring rolls along, the sun shining is what kept me hanging on. Been fighting my through difficult times, wishing, praying other’s stay safe from this virus.

Recently got declared to be healthy again, but whether I’m immune or gonna grab myself another dose of this, that’s anyone’s guess, but I’m better today, than yesterday and days prior to that, thankfully.

But days aren’t all that dark and gloomy, I see a light in the far distant, may not be close to today, but despite the unfortunate fall of humans around the world, I’d like to stay positive and feel that we’ll see better times soon again.

Take Care Max,


I’m doing just fine, thanks for asking! A little bored, but I’m playing the guitar and it always fills up my time ;)
Take Care Max!

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Hey Max! I’m doing just fine. Working through it day by day, although it’s quite a shame that its somewhat difficult to enjoy spending time with friends. No playing ball, tag, nothing like that sadly. But at least I get to stay home in peace.

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Burritosez: Hanging on just about. My only escape every day is to go out cycling, just got home from a 25 mile trip and absolutely hanging. Unfortunately living alone gets lonely, but I’ve got my family and this community to just about keep me going.
Making the absolute best use of this time to finish decorating my flat, finish learning to play the guitar whilst creating my own music, and an excellent opportunity to get back into artwork.
Hope you’re doing well also max!