MaxThoughforToday: The Ace Sez!

The “Aviator” “Has to Know” ahead of time what his airplane will do and won’t do! when it will do it! and what to do about!

“Your always learning your Plane when you fly and it’s particular envelope, every plane and flight is different

The day you stop learning about your Plane is the day you quit or it KILLS YOU!”

(Quote; Capt. Bob Burkholder, Ace, 4 Air Medals, Distinguished Flying, Cross, BoxCarRed, Pursuit FltLeader 17th ArmyAirForce 1943, KIA, 1944,Truk Is, SWPacific, NE of Australia)



Well said. Actually I nearly died today, whilst learning, though, that a Tbm should not land with 35kt gusts! 😉


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