MaxSundaySermon; “Let’s all just Get Along to Get Along!

MaxSez: “I Got Ghosted”, “1 Line Response”, “What do you Think”, “Do you Recline Your Seat” ect. There “Target Post’s”. Everybody gets a chance to badmouth them; the unknown miscreant, He who State a 1 incomplete sentence retort, He who Provide an opinion not based on reality or fact, He who gotta Get some FaceTime, Ramble, Bloviate, or are just plain ignorant or bored with time on there hands as they sit in Mom’s basement…

A little empathy folk before you rant on about your unknown Brother/Sister obvious Tech Error, Pile On, Plead for mercy when Ghosted or provide bogus know how based on opinion and not fact ect. Consider this;

“For all Airmen & Controllers there exists a kind of guild, without charter and without by-laws. It demands no requirements for inclusion save an understanding of the wind, the compass, the rudder, and “fair” fellowship. It is a camaraderie sans sentiment of the kind that men & women who once sailed uncharted seas in wooden ships must have known and lived by." We are a Band of IF Brothers and Sisters after all. Act like it. Human Kindness and common courtesy are contagious.

RegardsAll, MaxSends


Agreed Max. Kindness goes along way.


That’s right. Manners cost nothing :)


Sad part is that we share this IF Brotherhood with those who care nothing for said Brotherhood. Your comments ring true, but they are preaching to the choir. Those of us who care already act as a Brotherhood. Those who don’t, most likely will never see this thread.
Keep the blue side up!


@Captain_McCoy. MaxSez: It’s a sad state of affairs. I continue to watch the irrelevant trash posted get a pass by the Moderators.
“What’s your favorite av joke” followed by “Do you have a favorite av Joke” or “Guess the location of IF” these are just a random pick from the site now. I can’t hold the kids responsible, Adult Supervision seems to have become a Mr.Happy trend. We all understand that the $ runs this train so their really no recourse. There was a Time when
serious folk stocked the fire on this “Blog”, olde Times there are not forgotten.
Warm Regards, Max


Kindness… what the world needs.


And less posts that start with “What’s your ________?”

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MattSezz: “Hey look, I am copying @Maxmustang.”
I am with you. Frankly, some of this forum has devolved into apes on computers with internet access. Frankly, from the 9-year-olds who act like mods and go around policing people for saying ‘Heck’ or ‘Hell’ i will not name to person for reasons. To the people who turn into keyboard warriors when you say, with one stray line or sentence, anger or trigger them. It frankly saddens me to see what some of the forum has come to.

And frankly, you and I are not the only ones who are sick of it. You know these things get out of hand when the mods have to get involved to break up things like this. I just do not understand anymore.



Welcome to the IFC.

Nice words

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