MaxSundaySermon: IF & the Brotherhood!

MaxSez: For all professional pilots there exists a kind of guild, without charter and without by-laws. “It demands no requirements”for inclusion save an understanding of the wind, the compass, the rudder, and fair fellowship. It is a camaraderie sans sentiment of the kind that men who once sailed uncharted seas in wooden ships must have known and lived by." ( Book “West with the night”, Markham)
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Okay, I need to comprehend real quick. What is this?


If you want to start your own group that’s kind of like that, look up how to start a VA in the VA category 😎

I gotta agree: I am a bit confused what the meaning of this topic is

@Mattheus… Not-to-worry in time you’ll understand. Eventually we all do… マックス

oh no, this is becoming a cult im out

Everyone is just keeping their eyes on the thread to figure out what the hell is happening.


I think we should back out while we still can. This is going to be a cult soon, don’t want another Waco Seige.

let the flagging begin

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Max is quoting something from a book named West with the Night written in 1942 and reprinted in 1983. It’s Book One (Chapter 1) Message from Nungwe.

Reading is fun, if some of you haven’t read books in a long time it’s always a good time to get back to it.


Fun fact, the author of West With The Night, Beryl Markham, was the first person/woman to fly across the Atlantic east to west in a solo non-stop flight. It took her 20 hours and she ended up crash landing in Nova Scotia.


@Levet@Yacht… “West with the Night”. Read Marham’s incredible accounts of her African forays and Trans-Oceanic first recently and I admit I credited Post in error w/regrets. Good catch “Fire Dog” (Levet)
Yacht, the post oceanic crash kinda skewed the record books at the time.
Women are well represented in aviation history. Their stories and book are well worth reading. My library is crammed with legendary aviation books plus UTube’s is another great source with video’s/ narration for millennials with literacy deficiencies.
Regards, Max


Sadly, becoming a larger percentage by the day.


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