MaxSundaySermon: GA, The Basic's, The Duffus Pilot & the “Talking Heads”! (Sasha’s-Quiz Added)

MaxSez: Light Aircraft are the backbone of aviation. There the school house utilized by every flight school, military aviation introduction and first step utilized universally as an introduction to Aerodynamics & Flight science.

Unfortunately those aviation Virgins who first venture into the flight simulation realm bypass the basics and on first flight choose to strap on an Airliner, a Sophisticated Machine that requires a complete understanding of the Science & Art of Aviation and the environment they will newly discover.

Bypassing Light Aircraft as you matriculate require adjustments and mindsets that forces one to bumble forth having by-past the introductory phase of flight.

The Gripes noted in these columns support this point. The continual gripes by “Pilots” who blame the machine or the Controller and not the Man pushing the iron are outrages. Pilots complete lack of aerodynamic knowledge displayed here daily are atrocious!
Worst yet are the Gripe Responders, the “Duty Experts née Bloviators” who fill these columns by guess or opinion not based on fact but BS!
Most are high XP numbers players, some with an honorarium after,their name , that leaves an odor that lingers when they pontificate here! The Kiddies lookin for FaceTime are worse…

Back to the basics Pilot people, it’s never to Late! Fly a GA sortie Today for a few Go’s on the SOLO Server. (A TBM is not a type recognized as a basic flight trainer)

Learn or re- FAM by model, the use of all control surfaces, Wind effect on surfaces, use of Coordinated Aileron/Rudder, correct Speeds/Flap settings based on weight/balance…the Basics! We all will benefit if you do…

Max States unequivocally; “If you can master a light GA in all conditions your a varsity player. You then can drive a Bus and push buttons and let the machine do the hard part + Jot on the Forum with aplomb till your “Little” hearts content !”

Amen, MaxSends



MaxSez: Thr Grafic is a depiction of the “IF Flight Director (FD)” in the B-777,57 & 67. Knowledge of this instrument is a must! Accordingly, identify correctly the following data that appears on the instrument depicted for a BZ flag;

  1. What symbol on the PD represents the artificial horizon?

  2. The AirSpeed displayed is 163 Knots. What is the crafts “Ground Speed in MPH”?

  3. The center of the FDS depicts a numbered Grid on displayed, What do the numbers 10 in the Blue & Brown indicate?

(Regular, Staff & Licensed Pilots: Respond only after 2.10 Hrs have elapsed on the Topic Clock)
End… Max


I kind of agree with that hot take!

Anyway, good thread here, Max. Small GA aircraft are underrated to oblivion and people need to learn from flying small props by the likes of aircraft people start their flight training on. In most cases, that’s how it is in real life. No one goes straight to airliners in reality. I take keen interests in GA flying by just giving the props attention and learning. Mainly on the C172, Its one of the aircraft I fly best now.

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Preach it! Well said indeed Sir!

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my first flights in IF were in a SR22

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I must agree, especially seeing how the C172 didn’t receive enough recognition despite a quality rework with 19.4. Everybody starts from somewhere, and many start on the C172 (I had). With a realistic C172 in game, there’s now an opportunity to practice realistic procedures and basics on IF, and I’ve had loads of fun taking the C172 to a small airfield for touch and goes every once in a while in IF. More people should definitely give GA a chance.

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It’s not an airplane, but I did the same thing with a guitar when I was younger. I didn’t care what my instructor said, I wanted to go and be like Slash and shread the strings. Only years later did I come to realize that everything he was teaching me that I thought was “to basic” is actually a needed fundamental to master the six string axe.

I think the exact same go for aviation! Especially in this community.

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Sasha’s-Quiz Added!


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