MaxSundayBlast: Is it the IF Forum or a Rouge- Peanut Pilot Complaint Box

This past week the Forum has been inundated with complains about Pilots. Ya know about 25% of daily Topics (Screeds) address the wildlings Pilots flitting about the IF Airways. Well to tell you the truth these screeds are overwhelming my good Karma, there Bad JuJu! It’s gotten so bad Grade 3’s are now weighing in. These Screeds use to be a few sentence long and specific, now there garbage cans, multi-paragraphs complaints, dinging everything one can bundle and gripe about our memberships 10%. I’ve never seen one of these missive that was a self assessments, it’s always “Them”.
Considering the volume of venom sprayed about in these often vile indictments of our peers I believe a separate Category titled “Complaints” should be established. That way, we who have heard it all before, can “Mute” the sucker and allow the Moderators to sort it out! What say you Pilots?

(PS: Those who give likes or comment on these type negative Topics are worse than the Authors.)


Just thought its kinda funny here =p i dont mean to offend so i hope my comment can be taken very lightly xD

I like the posts you make too and i have a great level of respect in you trying to educate some of us young folks in the aviation community ^_^

But when i read this, it sounded like a complaint xD Anyway, i dont think a category for Complaints should exist. I login from time to time and i see plenty of closed topics going around, we are also given the ability to flag posts as well so i guess i can really help moderators with clearing out pointless threads.

Having a space dedicated to it would mean that it encourages people to utilise that space. We have plenty of feature request because it exists (Not saying they are bad request). But complains are definitely not something good.

If there is a need to feedback to the developers regarding their design of the game, sure thats okay. But as you mentioned, most complains made are very childlike in behaviour and shallow. I believe community mods knows which to spot and close so its really thanks to them we have a cleaner forum ^^

For us, i guess we can do our part in educating these people of what behaviors is acceptable or not, after all many of our members are younger members of society and not everyone is going to be mature.

I dont usually read the post people makes because their titles are uninteresting, most complains have uninteresting titles anyway. So not clicking in to read is something i can do for myself at least.

That said, theres the reason i clicked in here xD hint hint…


Well, I guess that says it - where did you get that quote from?😜

I think it has been worse on the forum. But the complaints should seize a little bit

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I agree, a complaint category should exist. But whenever anyone posts there the topic is immediately deleted


@Yunkeru… Thanks for your comment. Let me make it perfectly clear this Topic “is a complaint” and it does belong in a “Complaint Box”. And yes a Complaint box encourages members to complain, it’s just another step toward maturity and a vent. Rather than scatter complaints around in a random manner my military mind requires regimentation. Line the members complains up in a separate catagory so 1 round (mute) can get them all.


Ah, in that case the complain box could be a good place to address and answer instead of topics in general, meta, etc.

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Interesting proposal… however we don’t really need a separate category for this do we? I think we already have many categories and the kind of complaints that people make are perfectly fine in live IMO. If you don’t want to read them, don’t click them I guess.

also, shouldn’t this be in #meta ?

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With over 31k forum users (and I’m sure many many more pilots flying) there will ALWAYS be something to complain about. Either pilots that just refuse to follow any form of proper procedures, or ATC complaints, or feature/livery/realism complaints. It can just go on and on and on and on and on.

It does get bothersome, but unfortunately, probably will never cease. TS1 offers a plethora of “complaint worthy” topics everyday and Expert provides its fair share as well.
We just need to set the example by flying correctly, providing positive constructive post on the forum and try not responding to every single little complaint that pops up. Yes, hard to ignore sometimes, but GREATLY reduces the frustration level.

@Maxmustang I love the idea of a ‘complaint’ box… it would be much easier to ignore all the petty complaints by having them centralized! LOL!


personally im not sure that there should be a separate complaint category, however i do believe strongly that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. in other words, there wouldnt be problems to solve if people didnt complain. typically, there is strength in numbers when it comes to complaints - the more there are of the same thing, the more likely something is going to happen to try to eliminate the problem.

im fully supportive of customers’ rights to complain, but again, i dont think a category for complaints should be implemented. having a space to put all the negativity for everyone to see simply brings down the forum’s positivity as a whole. i think a better solution to this is to create some sort of inbox for complaints and designate a team to deal with them. that would make it much more private and keep from bringing a negative aspect to the forum.


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No I do not think a complaint box is needed, If anyone has a complaint about the game or the forum then I think they should go straight to a moderator. I don’t think Laura/Philippe would want a bunch of negative topics on their forum, or atleast I wouldn’t!

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