MaxStandEvalFam: IF KC-10A Extender.(Video)

MaxSez: I flew the IF Extender yesterday for the first time and was impressed. 3 hours/1000+ air miles, Andrews AFD (Home of AF-1) to Holmstead, ARB (Home of SpecOps). One great flight, hi/lo with 100+k cross & quartering winds at altitude, She’s steady as the Rock of G. Hand on recovery at Holmstead, ILS5 was a snap. This platform is a Lady.

I bad mouthed this aircraft on the Forum remember. The Extender was converted from the DC-10 in the early 80’s by SAC. My dislike was based on the poor safety records of the original Tri-Holers. Over the years it appears the early design (engine/empennage) flaws have been worked off. So I’ll bite my tongue and gladly welcome the KC-10A to the IF Fleet and hope to graduate fully to this big fat cigar like Work Horse vice GA off and on till hell freezes over.

I noted only 3 Downers on this horse yesterday; 1) “The crew”, I don’t like no stinking crew particularly when the PO has skeletal hands protruding from stick like arms, the corpse like body placement obscure a full cockpit avionics/instrument view, 2) No Pepsi can unless the PIC is sitting on it his stupid expression suggests there’s something “Up”, finally, 3) The Boom guide Lights which are missing, the red/green orientation lights on the paravains/steering wings which are most important but particularly they are a must for night ops.

I’m traditionally not a joiner. However, I just might join in with the gang running those losey goose’e dailytrack for kicks.

(Foot note: Had a hop on Extender as a strap hanger back in the day. Hawaii to a SAC Base in Texas(Diaz) across the Pacific Dragging a Broke F-4. Tanked him about every 2 hours. Got to watch every tanking evolution from the Boomer Station, Now that’s an unforgettable memory). Tell ya some time my experience with Marine 130 Tankers w/Drogue’s.
Regards All.


MaxSez: BUMPED due to time zones for my friends in the Far East and Down Under as a courtesy and as requested…

I’m sorry, but this is ABSOLUTELY amazing! You don’t know how much I envy you right now. I think you deserve this smiling peanut:



@Arjun_Dayal. ThanksYou made my day! Could I use your Peanut Picture. I’ll use it in comments. I’ll give you attribution.
Warm Regards, Max


You kidding me? It would be an honor! I hope you enjoyed that flight!

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Great video this is Awesome!

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Yeah when do you ever get to ride in a KC-10 Unless your in the military.

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This is a awesome post! Thanks for all you do for the community Max!

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Pretty cool vid! Especially seeing the fighters using their spoilers.
Nice find.

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Thanks for posting that thread and the video @Maxmustang. I love to hear stories from those who have had the oppotunity to fly in the realife aircraft that we simulate here in Infinte Flight. It really helps add to the reality dimension as well ability tolearn new facts and figures.

Happy Landings

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