MaxSez: What Happend To?

MaxSez: What happend to the Chart features; “COPY FLIGHT PLAN” &
“REPORT USER”? When will these Pilots Friends be re-introduced?

Note: Just the facts pls. No History Lessons, I Remembers, Ideas, Long Dissertation. Just the Botton Line Pls Duty Experts, Thanks

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It’s still there. I used it as late as yesterday?


Not sure about Report User, but I just tested on “Copy Flight Plan” and it worked just fine for me as well

“Report User” is still there as well but I’m not sure wether or not it actually does anything right now, so I understand what you’re referring to there

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Let me go check. It has to be there.

Same for me I was using it a hour ago!

@schyllberg, MaxSez: Long Sortie Today checked a few times no Joy. Had some WIFI losses might be the answer. Will Advise. Is “Report User”
activate, it was taken offline as I recall…

Are you talking about the functionality or the presence of the buttons now? Or both?

@Maxmustang yeah I just checked, still there. Copied someones FPL. I’ll go sit at KLAX for 5 minutes to test the report button.

The report button works. F-14 cut infront of someone entered RW25R with someone lined up and waiting.

What do you mean with “works”?

@schyllberg. MaxSez: I’m either on the wrong page or I have an anomalies. System all Green. Regards

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You’re on the wrong page, you have to tap a user :)

@Maxmustang - more detailed:
First you tap a user, and you’ll get the small rectangular box displaying basic stuff like Callsign, aircraft and so on… then you tap that box and you should see both buttons.


I can see the button and click on it and it either sends the report or it copies the flight plan. Didn’t think I needed to explain that.

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Max had a “Brain Fart” Excuesssss Me… Thank all, the mind is a wounderes thing. (On the Report User believed it was deactivated because of abuse. I’ll start using it again.) Thanks all and you to Mr @schyllberg.